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Granvia® Gold

Golden crispy

Gold, gold and gold again. The Granvia® Gold has remarkable big flowers with an intensely bright yellow colour and a heart that turns orange when the flower gets older and orange pollen appear. The unique structure of the ‘crispy paper like’ petals will grab your attention straight away. Granvia® Gold is easy to grow, lasts long and blooms early. Insider tip! The flowers can be harvested to use as perfectly dried flowers or fresh potpourri.

Granvia® White

A crunchy cloud
The Granvia® family is enriched with another, brand new colour. It is pure white, high-contrast with a warm, orange centre. Discover its little gems when they are still closed and find a treasure after their openings. You cannot resist touching this new variety either!

Granvia® Dark Orange Flame

Get ready to welcome a new variety to the Granvia® collection! An intense yellow colouration, dark on the outside and lighter in the centre.

Granvia® Dark Yellow Flame will amaze you with its changes in colour between when it has half-closed flowers and when it decides to show its intense yellow heart to the world!

Granvia® Red Flame

Red as passion and love. We are excited to add a new shade to the Granvia® collection. The brand-new Red Flame is a beauty for all the senses: it pierces the screen with its intense red colour, and the crackling of its petals composes a melody that attracts insects and anyone who wants to be captivated by its special beauty.

Seeing it open and close to the rhythm of spring days is a sight not to be missed thanks to its eye-catching red colour!

Granvia® Dark Pink Flame

Like 90’s bubble gums but with a crispy touch! Pink is the fashion colour this year, bright and bubbling, as our Granvia® Dark Pink Flame.

Its appearance is very playful and pleasant, the perfect plant to add a touch of intense pink to your garden, but in an original composition that is sure to make an impact! The Dark Pink Flame is eye-catching and lifts you to a fantasy atmosphere.

Granvia® Old Pink Flame Compact

This is the first variety of Granvia® bracteantha to be so compact. The colour is delicate and gives a vintage touch to a collection that is becoming increasingly rich and winning over more and more consumers.

Granvia® Pink Flame

Flaming in pink

Let’s pop some pink bubbles, because this year we are introducing our Granvia in Pink Flame. These bubblegum coloured flowers are a true girls dream. If it would be up to us, we’d cover every gardens in these Alice in Wonderland blooms.

The Granvia® colours are not the only attributes that are lifely; Granvia has a day and night routine, just like humans. Granvia® will only show her buds in the morning  and as soon as she feels the sun on her leaves, her big flowers will open up. As the night falls, she’ll fall asleep again and her flowers close up.