Unique and high quality products

Since the 1990s, MNP (Moerheim New Plant) has built a reputation for introducing innovative and successful bedding plants to the European ornamental plant sector. During this time, we have created many major and unique brands.

Our collection of bedding plants, mostly from the Japanese breeder Suntory consist of high quality product brands like Surfinia® (trailing) Petunias, Sundaville® (Dipladenia) Mandevillas, Lofos® Lophospermums, Princettia® (compact, pink and snow white) Poinsettias, Grandaisy® (fast growing and big flowered) Argyranthemums, Senetti® (compact and unique coloured) Pericallis, Beedance® (compact and bee attracting) Bidens, Suntory® Dianthus (compact and strong pink) Dianthus, Sunpeddle® (compact and strong urban) Nemesias etc..